Art Capabilities

FTP Capabilities
Our Art Department is Macintosh based and is familiar with every major software application, including; Illustrator, Quark, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat Pro.

All of your artwork is exported directly to a finished negative. Our output device is capable of producing 200 line screens at a resolution of 3000 dpi. High quality color proofs are available.

Our art department is skilled at working with any type of artwork that is supplied. Digitally, we are capable of accepting artwork via; CD-ROM's, Zip Disks, E-Mail, and through our FTP  traditional modem download.

Accepted Programs

  • Adobe Illustrator MAC Version CS/6 or lower

  • Quark MAC Version 

  • InDesign MAC version CS/6 or lower

  • Photoshop MAC Version CS/6 or lower

  • InDesign MAC Version CS/6

You must include all EPS and TIFF files used in creating your document. We need a copy of each and every file used in the document. Always keep a copy of your file(s). DO NOT send your ONLY copy. For process work, all supplied titles must be at least 3000 dpi image resolution.

Font Information
Please send all SCREEN and PRINTER fonts used in the document.
Do Not overlook Fonts used in placed files within the document.
Fonts that have been converted to outlines (paths) is an excellent alternative to the above.
Please note that converted text is no longer able to be edited.

Color Information
Please specify PANTONE colors where ever possible.
Please specify areas that are to print in Process Colors.
It is helpful to include a Hard Copy (color proof) with colors assigned along with file.

Additional Information

Please include any special instructions with your file.

A composite color proof is very helpful. These paper proofs let us verify what is on the disk. It is also helpful to include the directory showing the files on your disk if they are numerous.

Please DO NOT send in your original file. Make a copy and keep your original.

We can accept Stuffit Deluxe compressed files.

Please note that these guidelines Do Not guarantee that your artwork will output or download.
If any of the above is not possible, please send camera ready art as a backup measure.

Downloads to our Art Department must be prearranged for scheduling of computer access.
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